Krunk now play under name Marty The Zebra. Krunk saw funky stripe horse in movie. Krunk like. So Marty (is Krunk, see?) play on map Berlin. Marty is German here think…oh yes! Because Germans can nade-spam. Or so Glory says. Glory not like Germans. Krunk like nade-spam. So Krunk spawn on Berlin and run to spawnpoint of allies. Krunk select grenade. Krunk run around corner. Krunk always do this and score lots of kills. Is good maim. So Krunk think: not change winning strati…strata….way to win. Krunk click on mouse. Krunk throw nade. Then Krunk die. Krunk quickly look at score thinking: “Now Krunk really smash!” Krunk see score of -12. Krunk smash, but smash other way around. Krunk record TK’er! Then Krunk kicked.