And Justice For AllMajor Glory

…And Justice For All

THE SCENE: a small island in a sea of evil….the island that NEVER SLEEPS… .WAKE ISLAND !!


Major Glory: the protector of maiming, adversary of all things TK and occasional righteously indignant American soldier. And a whiner.

The Infraggable Krunk: thin outside the screen, fat inside the screen. A purple soldier who defies all logic by maiming everything that stands in his way, all the while loathing FPS games.


64 players spawn on Wake island . Immediately, two Japanese planes take off from their carrier, while the destroyer provides covering fire. It´s shells impact close to MAJOR GLORY and KRUNK, who both took a jeep to the far point of the island with the defgun..

Glory: Look, Krunk! Two ships and their evil machinery have unleashed their destructive power against our allies! We must put a stop to this score-degrading injustice! JUSTICE FRIIIEEENDS, ASSEMBLEEEEEE !
Krunk: Huh?
Glory: Well, I just said ‘Justice Friends, assemble’, which is our rallying cry for maiming. (A grenade shell lands close to Glory´s feet)
Krunk: Huh?
Glory: Well, I….just mean…..(another shell lands at his feet while bullets fly by)… we should….maim, you know? Serve justice!
Krunk: Justice? What justice is?
Glory: Just maim! Mow them down! Shoot the first thing that moves….justice for all!
Krunk: Justice for all? Krunk understand!!

Krunk jumps in the defgun, swivels it around and mows down the four allied soldiers that just came to reinforce the beachhead..
Krunk [defgun] wrongplaceatthewrongtime 1
Krunk [defgun] wrongplaceatthewrongtime 2
Krunk [defgun] wrongplaceatthewrongtime 3
Krunk [defgun] wrongplaceatthewrongtime 4

Glory: Krunk, what are doing!!!
Krunk: Krunk bring justice for all!

Krunk then gets a full hit from the destroyer, blowing up the defgun. It´s canopy flies in the face of Glory…

Glory: Oh crap….

Krunk killed a teammate.